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Top 10 Wholesale Handbags Suppliers

Planning to venture into the amazingly huge world of handbags. Well, here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 wholesale handbags suppliers to get you started.

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Although handbags symbolize different meanings and purposes for men and women, each gender still loves carrying a nice and decent piece of a handbag.

For men, handbags are more of a workplace necessity to carry their important and valuable stuff. This means that a single handbag could last a few too many years for a man.

However, this isn’t the case for women. For women, a handbag is more of a fashion statement.

It is an essential item in their closet that speaks for itself and does not just add a compliment to the rest of their attire.

Rather, it reflects their specific flair and understanding towards owning and carrying fashion accessories.

Perhaps this is the reason why women love having a separate handbag to go with each piece of clothing that they own.

In simple words, handbags in general and women handbags in particular, always remain in high demand. Therefore, any intention of yours to venture into this arena of handbags can never turn out to be a bad decision.

But considering the glamor, demand, and appeal that these handbags boast, this segment of the fashionable clothing industry also isn’t any stranger to high-end competition and fast fashion trends.

Therefore, if you want to stay ahead of everyone else in this business, you should have easy and ready access to the best and top wholesale handbags suppliers.

In this comprehensive article, we feature the top 10 best wholesale handbags suppliers that you can easily and comfortably rely on for all your wholesale handbags needs.

But before we highlight these best wholesale handbags suppliers, let us first briefly explain to you the importance of relying on wholesale handbags suppliers instead of directly purchasing bulk quantities from handbags manufacturers.

Why should handbag retailers buy from wholesale handbags suppliers instead of handbags manufacturers?

Buying from wholesale handbags suppliers offers the following key advantages to you, your business, and of course your customers.

  • Buying from wholesale handbags suppliers means larger profit margins.
  • It helps you offer the latest fashion trends to your customers as per their taste and demand.
  • Not buying bulk means holding less inventory which again means that you are always looking forward to welcoming new stock and handbag styles rather than worrying about finishing stock from your previous purchases.
  • Wholesale handbag suppliers offer the same value, quality, and style ideas as any other branded handbags sellers do.

Top 10 wholesale handbags suppliers

Now that you are aware of the importance of relying on wholesale handbags suppliers to fulfill your business needs, let us now present to you our list of the top 10 wholesale handbags suppliers.

1 # Handbag Fashion

If you require fashion handbags, and designer-inspired handbag styles, along with other fashion accessories, then Handbag Fashion is the wholesale handbags supplier that you are looking for.

Without any compromise on quality, Handbag Fashion is a reliable wholesale handbag supplier offering the latest trends and handbags fashion choices at inexpensive rates.

2 # Alibaba

Talking of wholesale handbags suppliers and not mentioning a giant e-commerce business-to-business opportunity platform like Alibaba would be highly unfair.

Alibaba needs no introduction when it comes to finding wholesale suppliers for handbags or anything else related or unrelated to the fashion industry.

The platform lets you search for the best wholesale handbags suppliers from China as well as other countries like the United States, Vietnam, Italy, and India.

3 # E-Fashion Wholesale

Third, on our list of top 10 wholesale handbags suppliers is E-Fashion Wholesale. It is another international fashion clothing wholesale outlet that sources its inventory from top manufacturers and sells them.

Basically, the business model that E-Fashion Wholesale works on is to procure its merchandise from out-of-season stock, excess manufactured stock, inventory reduction, etc.

Despite the fact that their offered inventory includes branded labels and clothing manufactured specifically for specialty and department stores, they are able to sell their products at almost half the original price labels.

4 # Choice Handbag

Choice Handbags is another Los Angeles, California-based wholesale handbags supplier on our list.

Choice Handbags offer their own exclusive designer range of wholesale handbags with a keen focus on high quality and affordability.

5 # Bag Zone

Next on our list of top 10 wholesale handbags suppliers is Bag Zone, a Manchester, United Kingdom based company. Bag Zone likes to call itself a supplier of wholesale fashion handbags, with an aim to offer handbag designs that aren’t merely used to fulfill the functional needs of the clients.

With an unbelievably low-priced, high-quality, and fashionable bags range starting at only £1, Bag Zone caters to over 500 handbags retailers across UK and Europe.

6 # FashionTIY

FashionTIY is yet another wholesale handbags supplier, offering a wide variety of designs for both women and men handbags for resellers.

Their collection of wholesale trendy handbags includes several high-selling styles such as evening bags, underarm bags, crease bags, zipper bags, chain bags, cosmetic bags, etc.

7 # DHgate

If you are looking for single platforms offering access to multiple reliable wholesale handbags suppliers, then you shouldn’t miss DHgate.

Although DHgate offers many suppliers and a wide design range encompassing almost all the trending styles, you still have to follow the MOQ or minimum order quantity requirement in the case of some wholesale handbags suppliers.

8 # BagTreeOk

BagTreeOk is a wholesale handbags supplier from China with thousands of handbag designs to cater to everyday ordinary as well as fashion and business needs.

The company accepts small and mixed orders as well as orders consisting of only a single unit from each design class.

9 # Simi Accessories

With over a decade of experience in selling wholesale fashion accessories, Simi Accessories is a Canadian and US-based wholesale handbags supplier.

Simi Accessories offers competitive prices to retailers to help them maximize their profit, while also enabling them to offer the latest handbags styles and trends to their customers.

Their focus is to carefully analyze the upcoming fashion trends and then offer the most exclusive and best-selling products to their customers for a fast inventory turnover.

10 # Mezon Handbags

Last on our list of the top 10 wholesale handbags suppliers is a Los Angeles, USA-based venture named Mezon Handbags.

With over 20 years of experience, Mezon Handbags is always out there to offer exclusively exciting, and superb deals on wholesale fashion handbags and other accessories.

They regularly update their online store with new and latest arrivals so you can never miss out on offering the newest handbag designs to your customers.

Final thoughts

Remember that relying on more than one wholesale handbags supplier for your business needs serves two very important purposes.

First, you always have access to the latest upcoming trends beforehand and that too without the need to buy in bulk.

And second, having more than one wholesale handbags supplier at your disposal means that you always get the best price from your suppliers. When you pass on this advantage to your customers, this not only increases your sales but also means more returning clients who know that they are getting the best value for their money.

Fortunately, our list of the top 10 best wholesale handbags suppliers will help you achieve these core business objectives. So, start reaching out to the wholesale handbags suppliers on our list and maximize your business potential.

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