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Best Hula Hoops Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturer

A quick guide to begin a side hustle to sell hula hoops on Amazon from hula hoops manufacturer and hula hoops wholesale suppliers with huge profit margins.

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The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic turned out to be one of the most terrible catastrophes in human history. A vast number of people lost their lives, jobs, and other means of livelihood, businesses closed, and whatnot.

However, it will also be seen as the gateway to opening new opportunities for many.

For instance, take the example of people not having access to a gym and other outdoor workout facilities. Certainly, this never meant an end to such activities but rather, a way to look at alternatives.

And one such alternative for working out at home is using hula hoops.

From a health and fitness angle, the right kind of a hula hoop can help accomplish many health-related objectives.

From a business perspective, hula hoops, if sourced from hula hoops wholesale suppliers in China, can turn out to be a very profitable venture.

This article is all about sourcing your products from hula hoops wholesale suppliers and hula hoops manufacturers in China and selling them at amazing profit margins on Amazon.

Hula hoops – A brief overview of the product

A hula hoop, popular among kids and adults both, is an amazing toy or device with several benefits.

To begin with, it is comparatively much less expensive than most other exercise equipment that is available at a gym.

Besides being a fun activity for kids, it is also great for many health and fitness reasons. Such as –

  • strengthening your core muscles,
  • enhancing your cardiovascular fitness,
  • improving body balance, and
  • burning excess body fat and calories.

Moreover, it is also easy to learn and start doing and can be used at any place.

Having said all this, selling hula hoops as a side hustle on Amazon can be an impressive opportunity to sell a product whose demand increased significantly during the pandemic.

However, not all hula hoops are the same. While few are designed with the basic purpose of serving as a fun toy for kids, others offer constructive benefits.

For example, hula hoops are as well designed more specifically to serve as a tool for both kids and adults for quick fat and calorie-burning sessions at home.

So, what hula hoop should you select to sell on your Amazon’s side hustling business?

Well, we selected one of the top-selling hula hoops for you, with a smart design and better outcome in terms of fitness and health.

Apart from this, it also costs very little when purchased from hula hoop wholesale suppliers and hula hoops manufacturers from China.

Surprisingly, the selling price of this hula hoop on Amazon yields an amazing profit margin in comparison to its cost.

Pricing difference – Key outtake on retailing on Amazon when bought from hula hoop wholesale suppliers and hula hoops manufacturer

When you buy hula hoops from hula hoops wholesale suppliers and hula hoops manufacturers in China, your purchase cost varies between Chinese Yuan 28.00 and 40.00.

What price you get depends highly on your purchase quantity as well as price negotiation skills.

Remember that when buying wholesale bulk quantities, you always have a chance to get further discounted prices than what was quoted initially.

Adding up custom duties, shipping charges, and rebranding expenses, if any, would spice the cost a little bit up.

But the good thing is that a single unit of hula hoop bought from hula hoops wholesale suppliers in China sells for USD 62.99.

This price difference offers a huge gap that you can capitalize on and easily pocket huge profits.

Visit the hula hoops wholesale suppliers and hula hoops manufacturer website now.

Click here to view Amazon retail prices for this hula hoop.

What makes this hula hoop different from others?

While the price difference and profit margins are there to attract your attention as a reseller of hula hoops, your customers will need to clearly understand the reasons for them to buy it from you.

The below mentioned details will help you explain the exclusivity of this hula hoop to your customers.

  • Not any traditional hula hoop with chances of falling off your waist at any moment. This smart exercise hoop with an upgraded design is made to never fall off your waist. This means that it stays on your belly.
  • The hoop’s size can be adjusted according to waist size and for altering the intensity of the exercise.
  • Made from hard ABS plastic material which ensures that the hoop lasts and remains useful for many years to come.
  • The 360-degree shock absorbing massage ring ensures that you remain comfortable throughout and get rid of your lower back pain.
  • Burns fat faster (up to 2-3 times) than traditional exercise hoops.
  • Suitable for kids, adults, and even elderly or pregnant women.
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